[Photostory] Saigon, 2018

Earlier this month, I’ve managed to go on a short trip to Ho Chi Minh City, to celebrate my friend’s bachelor party. I went home a day later than my friends so I can explore the city on my own, and here’s some photos of them.

The first place I visited is the Notre Dame Cathedral. It’s in the heart of District 1, and is one of the most iconic building in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s on renovation when I went there, but that does not bother the beauty of the building.
Just on the side of the Cathedral is the Post Office, another historical building in the city. It is filled with so much tourist that it’s very crowded on weekend, so I went back here on weekday to a much smaller crowd and managed to take this photo.
Inside of the post office, in the central is a paintings of Mr. Ho Chi Minh, the president who unites Northern Vietnam with Southern Vietnam.
I visited a chocolate shop called Marou, and I tried their signature Marou Mocha. It was excellent and I can say it’s one of the best mocha I’ve ever tasted.
In my last day in Ho Chi Minh, I went on a solo trip, so I can take my time to photography iconic buildings such as this one, The Opera House!
Visiting a coffee shop and spending time reading book for hours isn’t exactly my friends’ type, but when I’m alone, it’s the first thing I’m going to do. Here is my first stop on my solo trip, the Phin and Bean Coffee Roastery.
They brew their coffee with passion. Although I have to say the hospitality of people in Vietnam is different than what I feel in other countries, they brew their coffee really well.
Vuon Anh Phuoc Honey – Made with Chemex. A pretty well balanced coffee, a good one to start my day.
I continue my journey to Propaganda Bistro to have my brunch. It’s a bistro with propaganda paintings all over the wall, a very unique place and it’s tourist friendly. They also have a wonderful Pulled Pork Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich).
Coffee Coffee and Coffee. I continued my journey to Runam Cafe, a popular luxurious Coffee Shop chain in Vietname. They have pretty good interiors and their coffee is excellent.
This is the one that I tried. It’s called Sand Dunes, an iced latte with Kahlua, Baileys, and Amaretto. It’s too sweet for me, but after I asked for iced cube, it became perfect. A little bit pricey, though, a small glass like this is on 130.000 VND. (around 75.000 IDR)
This is Ben Thanh market, the most popular street shopping spot on the city. An iconic place for tourists, where you can find various souvenirs and local delights.
Just around the Ben Thanh market is the Street Food Market, a really nice food court. The price for meals here is quite high, but the quality is very good and the ambience is excellent.
Last place before I closed my solo trip is the Trung Nguyen Legend Cafe. I tried their signature Cha Phe Sue Da (Iced Milk Coffee). Not my favorite, though. It’s very acid and I can’t enjoy it. But it’s nice to try something new.

Besides all these, I went to a few nice places I didn’t take photos of like Ngon Restaurant and Rice Field Restaurant. Both are very nice place, and you should visit them if you went to Ho Chi Minh City.

Ever visited Ho Chi Minh City? Share your experience with me on the comment sections below!

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