[Photostory] Malaysia, 2018

Day 1

Last September, I went to Genting and Kuala Lumpur on a short trip with my girlfriend, Sylvia. We had a lot of fun and we hoped these photos could tell the stories of our trip.

First meal in Kuala Lumpur! Chicken Rice at Santai Restaurant. It’s not that special, but me and Sylvia was extremely hungry at that time, so the delicious level goes up one point.
We went straight to Genting by bus, and the bus is very good!
After we got tired exploring Genting, we had dinner at Only Mee. The dry noodle is not that good, but the Laksa is very nice.

Day 2

We don’t do too much on our first day, but our second day is much more busier. We went to Chin Swee Temple, and explored Bukit Bintang at night.

We started day 2 with Nasi Lemak in a food stall near the lobby of our hotel, First World Hotel. It’s RM7 and it’s worth to try if you are curious about the original Nasi Lemak.
We continue our journey to Chin Swee Temple, and have a lot of fun exploring the Buddhist culture here.
We closed our Genting journey by exploring Genting Highlands Premium Outlet, a nice shopping mall in Genting. We’re on for something sweets, so we opt for this Chocobanana Churros, which is really good.
We also tried the famously expensive Godiva Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream. It was very expensive, but also very good!
We went back to Kuala Lumpur by bus, and after resting for a moment in our hotel, we went to Pavilion Hotel. Our hungry stomach craves for KFC, as we’re very curious on how KFC tasted like in Malaysia. It’s a little bit disappointing though, the chicken is not as good as in Indonesia. Their chicken tend to be lighter and the seasoning is also really light.
We’re not satisfied with the KFC, so we went for another food. This time we tried a sandwich bar owned by Jay Chou, called Liang Sandwich Bar. It’s good, and the price is also affordable.
After shopping, we closed the night by going to Chang Kat, a lively night bar district in Kuala Lumpur. There’s so much bar to choose that we don’t know which one to enter.
But finally we decided to enter an Italian bar, called TIM (The Italian Market). It’s filled with Italian expat, mostly, and the ambience is really good.
And so me and Sylvia have a couple of beer to close the night.

Day 3

Day 3 was arguably our best day, since we went to a lot of really good places and satisfying food and beverages! Hopefully the photos below represent that happiness and satisfaction we had.

We start day 3 by going to a coffee shop / brunch place called “Breakfast Thieves”. The place is very nice, with cozy feelings inside, although there’s so much guests there.
Sylvia tried “My French Lady”, a blueberry french toast with pop corn topping and strawberry. It was very good! The toast is well balanced and the sauce is perfect.
I tried the Uncle Food Crab Burger. It was the highlight of my journey in KL. Excellent dish, and I can say it’s the best food I tasted in a long time.
After brunch, we went to KLCC, where the Petronas Tower is. We took some photos there, and on KLCC Park, and enjoy the view for a little bit.
After about an hour exploring KLCC and Suria Mall, we finally got tired and we had coffee at Nadeje. This one is Black Forest Latte that does not taste like Black Forest at all.
Our next stop is Pasar Seni, a street market in Kuala Lumpur where you can find good items with cheap prices. We bought some souvenirs here, before going to Chinatown for further shopping
 After we got tired of shopping, we decided to have late lunch. We had this very good Hainanese Chicken Rice in a restaurant called Kam Kee Chicken Rice, near Chinatown. Then we get back to hotel to prepare for the night.
We start the night by eating Arabian Kebab. It was near our hotel in Bukit Bintang, and is very good, but a little bit pricey for street food. It also has a long queue.
Sylvia looks so happy shopping at Bukit Bintang!
Then we finish the night by going to Jalan Alor, a very busy street filled with foods! A heaven for food lovers.
We started our Jalan Alor party with Mixed Satay in the corner of the street. It was very good and affordable.
But the highlight of Jalan Alor is this. Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings! It is very famous, so you’ll have to wait a long time before enjoying your chicken wings, but it’s definitely worth it!

And that concludes my Genting and Kuala Lumpur trip. Hope this post inspires or cheer up your day, or maybe even makes you want to visit Kuala Lumpur?

Anyway, this trip is from 2 months ago so there might be some inaccuracy due to my memories about the trip. Tomorrow I am going to Vietnam and I will post a photo story of the trip here also.

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