Blueprint Bites and Brew Cafe Review

A few days ago I am looking for somewhere fancy to have a dinner with Sylvia. After searching and searching, we got reminded of a nice place in PIK we always wanted to visit, called Blueprint Bites and Brew.

The place is relatively new, just opened this year if I ain’t mistaken. The place was very nice, it was bright and very elegant. They uses bright marble as most of their interiors, and they also have solid colors and mural paintings in the walls. It’s elegance made it looks like an expensive place, and yes, their products aren’t really cheap.

In the second floor, there is a darker place, perfect to enjoy beers for hanging out with friends. But I just paid a little visit here, so I can’t really say much about the second floor.

Let’s start with the drink. I order the Honey Lemon Mint (41k), a perfect blend in a refreshing beverages. The sour and sweet combo is really good! It’s highly recommended. Sylvia simply order an Iced Tea, which is available for refill.

For the food, I tried Gindara Croquette (85k). It was excellent! The croquette is very good, and the poached eggs with hollandaise sauce on top makes the meal very perfect. They have a large amount of spinach, so if you don’t like it you can ask them to reduce it.

Sylvia tried their Mac and Cheese Waffle (70k). At first I am confused because it looks like a waffle, and topped with fried chicken (from the pictures I see in instagram). Turns out the waffle is made of macaroni! It was so unique and we loved it. The fried chicken is simply a karaage, and I don’t think it’s too special. 

It was a nice dining experience here at Blueprint. I am so curious with their coffee and cakes, but we’re there at dinner hours so we don’t have the time to try them. We will definitely return for a coffee break someday, and we’ll review their coffee and cakes.

Blueprint Bites and Brew
Ruko Gallery 8, Blok CK-CL, Jl. Pantai Indah Utara 2 No. K2, 
Ysteven’s rating : 8.5/10

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