Sejiwa Coffee Bandung – Cafe Review

Last Saturday me and Sylvia had a short trip to Bandung. It’s a really short trip because we spent most of the time at the road to Bandung, and we stopped at Rest Area KM 72 for an hour for visiting Coffeelogue’s branch over there.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a good time in Bandung. We managed to visit Chingu Cafe, a very cute Korean Cafe, and Sejiwa Coffee.

Sejiwa Coffee is located in Jalan Progo, near Hummingbird, the popular eatery in the area. It wasn’t hard for us to find Sejiwa, but what’s hard is to find a parking space inside. Thankfully, they have a valet parking service.

Once there, I was very impressed with the building. It looks like a really large glasshouse, and all the exteriors are made from glass. It looks unique and certainly amazing. The interior is dominated with white color, which made it looks very modern and stylish. Even the baristas are wearing white lab coat, which shows their passion in perfecting a cup of coffee for it’s customers.

At that time, me and Sylvia just had our dinner, so we only ordered coffee and dessert. For coffee, we choose the signature Es Kopi Jiwa (29k) and Iced Long Black (22k), and for the dessert, we choose Granny’s Apple Pie (30k)

The Es Kopi Jiwa is excellent. It’s perfectly balanced, not too strong and not too soft, and the sweetness is on point. The milky flavor is also nice, because they use Greenfields milk. I bought the Iced Long Black as a take away drink to accompany my trip back to Jakarta, and it was good also.

I once tasted a very good apple pie in Ibis Bencoolen Singapore. Since then, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted any apple pie that could match that standard, until now. The Granny’s Apple Pie is REALLY good. The texture is perfect, and the taste of apple is very nice. The only downside of this dessert is the ice cream, which I think is too small, so after only eating half of the pie, the ice cream is already gone and we have to eat the rest of the pie without vanilla ice cream.

It was a very good place to visit, and I’ll definitely come back for the apple pie.

Sylvia in Green
I’m a happy boy!

Sejiwa Coffee
Jalan Progo No 15, Bandung (Near Jalan Riau)
Open 7AM – 11PM
Ysteven’s rating : 8.5/10

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