C For Cupcakes and Coffee Pluit Cafe Review

It was date night and I was hanging out around Pluit, so Sylvia and I decided to try the trending C For Cupcakes and Coffee, a cafe well known for their cute cakes and delicious coffee.

From the outside, we can already see the beauty of the cafe. Especially with their white christmas decoration, which is on point and very beautiful. Not to mention the very instagrammable spot near the christmas tree.

When we’re outside, no words can describe it unless “it’s beautiful!”. The decorations are simple, but very nice. I love the design of the bar so much, with marble bar table and the beautiful La Marzocco GS3 in the frontline.

Although well known for their desserts, they also sell main courses such as Nasi Goreng and Bakmie. But because we already had our dinner before, we only order dessert and coffee.

We tried their Hot Cappuccino (36k) and the Rabbit Pie (42k). The Hot Cappuccino is very strong and excellent. It’s really suitable for you who loves strong coffee.

The rabbit pie is made from ice cream yoghurt, on top of pie with a little hint of lemon to make it sour. It’s very good, although a little bit pricey.

Overall it was a really nice cafe, and worth all the hype. We have a good time there, and the service is also excellent.

Ever visited this cafe before? Tell us your story on the comment section below!

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