Soul Drink and Dine Pluit Review

Since Sylvia and I went to gym together, we go to Baywalk Mall so often. Most of the time we went home from Baywalk, we always drive through a cool looking restaurant called Soul Drink and Dine, and we’re very curious to try it. Last week, we finally have the chance to visit it.

The best part of the restaurant is the decoration. It’s ambience is very cozy and fresh, with a lot of trees and plants inside the restaurant. We had a nice spot, and we really enjoyed the situations.

But unfortunately, the great ambience ain’t followed by a good product and service. We kinda disappointed with the food and beverage, especially the super tiny portion of the food. You can judge yourselves by the photos below.

Scandinavian Eggs Benedict
Salmon Gravlax

We ordered Salmon Gravlax (70k) and Scandinavian Egg’s Benedict (70k). I think the worst part is the bun on the Eggs Benedict which is scarily small. The salmon is also very mild, and I almost can’t taste the salmon. The Salmon Gravlax is not bad, though, but we still think the value for price is not good enough. The waiting time for our food is quite disappointing, even though we’re the only customer at that time.

We simply had Iced Tea for beverage.

Overall it’s not a pleasant journey for us, but they have a cool bar on second floor, perfect for having a beer or two.

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