Umamya Sushi PIK Restaurant Review

Recently I was intrigued to try a relatively new Japanese restaurant in PIK called Umamya Sushi. I was intrigued because they have a very high rating in zomato, and they also have zomato gold promotions available.

So last night I tried this restaurant with Sylvia.

The restaurant design is excellent, they combine modern elements and lighting with seating with casual brown colors, which made it very warm and homey.

When they see I was bringing my camera, the restaurant manager called me to see the second floor, and when we got upstairs, we’re very shocked with the unique layout and cool spots. They have hanging chair near the window, and some round table to sit on the floor inside. It was very cool.

But since the first floor is quite empty when we visited, we sat on the first floor. It was very comfortable, though, as you can see from the photos.

First floor of Umamya Sushi
The round table in second floor
Hanging chair near the window in second floor

Now let’s talk about food. They have wide selections of sashimi, nigiri, and of course, sushi rolls. For this visit, we tried :

Ebi Sake Katsu Maki (85k)
Shrimp Katsu, Cucumber, Spicy Salmon and Crunchy

We have to say it’s our favorite sushi roll here, and probably anywhere! It was that good! The combination of shrimp katsu and spicy salmon is excellent, and the crunchies makes it even more good.

Wagyu Aburi Maki (92k)
Asparagus, Carrot and Shitake, Wagyu, Garlic Chips, Tare Ponzu

This sushi roll is also very good! We love the shitake mushroom combined with wagyu beef on top of a sushi.

Bara Chirashi (60k)
Combination of avocado, salmon, tuna, and tofu on top of japanese rice.

Due to my lack of knowledge in japanese food, we don’t know that this dish is served with rice. We’re looking for salad, actually. But this dish did not disappoint at all! It tastes very good! We love how all the topping mixed around together. Highly recommended!

Ocha (7k each – Refillable)

The taste of the food might be very good, but what’s world class in this restaurant is the service and the presentation. The restaurant manager patiently introduces us to the recommended menu according to what we are looking for, and the presentation of the food is out of this world. It made the experience so excellent that we want to come back again soon.

Umamya Sushi
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok B No. 3, Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

Ysteven’s rating : 9.5/10

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