Kopi Cici Manis Kelapa Gading Cafe Review

Lately I was introduced to this cafe in La Piazza Kelapa Gading called Kopi Cici Manis. My friend said that they have a great Iced Pandan Latte and although I don’t really like Pandan, I am curious to try it.

So I went there with Ryan, and he’s nice enough to order the Pandan Latte so I can try it. I myself ordered the Kopi Susu Cici Manis, which is their basic Kopi Susu.

The ambience is pretty good, with glass windows all over the room, and white-dominated bar. It looks pretty good, but the sun shines so bright and make it kinda too hot, even inside the cafe where it’s fully air conditioned.

It was located at the ex-Starbucks La Piazza, and the area around was made into a garden by the mall’s management. So everywhere you look, you will see greens here and there.

Now let’s back to the menu.

The Kopi Susu Cici Manis is pretty good. A little bit too sweet but still acceptable. The Pandan Latte, well, is unique. And the aroma of Pandan is pretty balanced. Since I don’t really like Pandan, this drink is definitely not my cup of tea.

Overall it’s a not bad place to visit, and they also serve a lot of main course. Perfect if you want to hang out with a lot of friends because the place is quite spacious.

Ysteven’s rating : 7/10.

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