Unstoppable : A Must Watch Action Movie

I once said to my sister, “Sis, I think one of my favorite action actor is Denzel Washington. I love almost all of his movie.” “Unstoppable” prove me that I’m correct.

Directed by Tony Scott, Unstoppable is a based-on-true-story movie that’s ready to rush your adrenaline in 100 minutes.


Release Date :  November 12, 2010 (USA), November 24 (INA)
: Action
: Tony Scott
: Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson


Unstoppable is based on the true story of CSX 8888 Incident, which occurred on 2001, where an unmanned runaway train with hazardous cargo ran away with a fast speed. The incident is caused as a result of a mistake by a train engineer who got out of the train to correctly line a switch, but he didn’t set the dynamic brake correctly.

Back to the movie. Will Colson ( Chris Pine ), is a new train conductor, and is set to run the train “1206” together with Frank Barnes ( Denzel Washington ), a veteran train engineer. In other way, 2 train engineers, Dewey and Gilleece, who were supposed to move the train 777 that contains some dangerous chemical items, made a big mistake by going out from the train and mistakenly set the brake, causing the train to runaway by itself. Bad news, the train runs in the opposite direction of “1206“, and is going to a highly populated area.

Connie Hooper (Rosario Dawson) is the train yardmaster, who is strategically tries to stop the train, with the helps of the train company executives. Could these people stop the train that’s going to made a history of the worst transportation tragedy in the history of Pennsylvania?

I didn’t recommend you to read about that incident before you watch the movie, because more or less, it will be a spoiler.


Unstoppable delivers just what they intend to from the beginning : An unstoppable adrenaline rush from the start of the movie until the end. They give you no rest.

For all action movie lovers, this one is certainly a must watch. I myself is not a big action movie lovers. But I can’t hide the excitement I felt after I watch this movie. Maybe it’s because of the mood also. I watched this movie on the last day of mid-term, and that adrenaline-rush seriously helps to put those mid-term behind me. But seriously, in any mood you are, this adrenaline-rush movie will easily entertain and excites you.

The actors and actress here are not newbies. They know what they are doing. Especially Denzel Washington, who got a bunch experience of working together with the great director, Tony Scott. Tony Scott previously directed Man On Fire, Deja Vu, and Talking of Pelham 1 2 3, where Denzel Washington is the stars of all those movie.

The fact that it’s based on a true story makes it more realistic, and for some of my friends who judge a movie by it realistic level, they proudly says that Unstoppable is the best movie they watched in 2010.

Story                     :               9/10
Characters            :               9/10
Originality              :               9/10
Overall                 :               9/10

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