How to Get Closer to Your Dreams

To be able to dream is one of the greatest gift for human being. It is because of dreams that we can enjoy these fancy gadgets you are reading this article on. It is because of dreams I can enjoy writing this post in my own coffee shop. 

In this post, I would like to share some tips I got and realized on how to get closer to your dreams.

Write your dreams

Your dreams should not be hidden in your head. Write them down. Write them on your journal. Make it your desktop or phone wallpaper. Write them everywhere you want, the point is to put them where you can see so you can always be reminded and motivated on what you want to achieve. 

Don’t be afraid or ashamed if people see them. You should be grateful instead, because the more people know about your dreams, the more help you will get.

Describe your dreams

Dreams are hard to achieve if they are too abstract. Describing them will make them looks more realistic, which will add some motivation for us to reach them.

Share your dreams

Like I previously said, having people know about your dreams is a big advantage. The skeptic ones will motivate you to prove them wrong, and the supportive one will help you in reaching your dreams. Maybe not everyone will help, but if 1 from 5 people who knows your dreams help you, isn’t it good enough?

Find a mentor

One of my mentor – who is about 20 years older than me – once said to me : “Your generations are smarter than mine. You can produce better things than us. The only thing we are better at is that we have more experience.”

I find it really true. There are always people who are more experienced than us, and we can use those experience to help us in achieving our dreams. Find a mentor and ask them to share their experience. We’ll learn things that we can’t find in the internet.

Commit specific amount of time for your dreams

Dreams won’t be achieved unless you really move toward it. Spend time each day to do what’s needed for you to achieve it. There must be something you can do, for example : doing research, finding investor, building a blog, etc.

If you want to open a business and you need the capital, spend some time each day to list potential investor and pitch to them. Another possible way is to work harder or take a side job to get extra income for your business.

You might have to work extra hard and maybe it will reduce your playtime, but it will be worth it.

Break down your dreams into short term goals

There’s a huge chance that your dream is hard to track. You need to know if you are moving closer to your dreams or not. To be able to achieve this, you need to break down your dreams into short term goals. Finish them one by one.

In addition, those short term goals will act as a map for you to achieve your dreams. For me, the short term goals in having a coffee shop is : learn about coffee making, find investors, find a location, and so on.

Learn new skills

Most of the time, we need to upgrade ourselves in order to achieve our dreams. For example, when I wanted to open a coffee shop, I took a barista course. Find out what skill is needed in order for you to achieve your dreams, then go ahead and learn it.

Just start

There is no perfect time to start fighting for your dreams. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Just start today, even if it’s a small step. I still remember the first day I started pursuing my dreams : I got into a small coffee shop, got intrigued by the possibility of having a small coffee shop, and start opening Microsoft Word and write the first word of my business plan.

These are just a little tips on what I thought would get you one step closer to your dreams, but the key is in what you do. There might be struggles and tough times along the way, but if you didn’t give up, you will achieve your dreams. Have a good battle and enjoy the process!

Hope this post helps you as much as it helps me.

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