Eduardo Da Silva : True Gunner, True Gentleman.

You guys must have remembered Eduardo, the ex-Arsenal player that broke his leg on 2008 after a very bad tackle. The TV didn’t even play any replay of the incident because of it’s really scary and inappropriate.

Well, He is now a Shakhtar Donetsk player, and is coming back to Emirates today. Wondering what happened on his return?

Before The Game

Well, everyone predicted it will be one emotional return for Eduardo, since he happened to be a hero on Emirates and all the fans love him. Eduardo also took his time to appear on the media to response to the situation.

After saying that he didn’t blame English football for his injury, he tells the media that he is now focused on the football game with Shakhtar. It’s clear that he’s happy with the current situation. He wants to play all-out against his old-team, but one thing that we all gunners loved : He promised not to celebrate if he scores a goal.

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The Match

One fact : Shakhtar plays awful today. Clear enough? Well at least the scoreline tells it all. Arsenal completely dominate the match. We won 5-1, remember?

Well back to Eduardo’s case. Eduardo was introduced on the 60’th minute after Arsenal scored the 3rd goal to give a 3-0 lead. It is An emotional moment. All fans are standing applause-ing at that moment and they sings Eduardo’s name loud and clear.

During the match, Eduardo did all of the thing he promised. He promised to played well to help Shakhtar, and he did. His positioning, passing, and shooting, are all excellent. He even scored a goal with an awesome finishing touch, and just like what he promised, he didn’t celebrate at all. And guess what?

I think for the first time in Emirates, Arsenal’s fans are all happy and excited when their opponent scores a goal. They are all standing, applausing, and shouting Eduardo’s name. Some fans even brought Eduardo’s jersey with them.And what’s that if not awesome?

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I still like Eduardo as a player. I still hope he’s with us. But let’s face it and move on. Let’s hope Eduardo has a bright career in front of him. He has inspired us in many things, especially when he recovered through a scary injury. What a true gunner and gentleman.

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