Fun Culinary at Pasar Atom, Surabaya

Last week, I got the chance to visit Surabaya for a friend’s wedding. My first stop was Pasar Atom, a trade center with a food court that is heaven for culinary lovers.

The food court sells a lot of items, but mostly they are noodles and Chinese Food. I got some recommendations from my friends on which I have to try, and here are those :

I was visiting the food court at 10am, and not all of the stores are ready. One of the stores that ready is GL8 that sells this delicious Swekiau. It was 25k for 5pcs of Swekiau. The soup is good, and the Swekiau is also excellent.

Still from GL8, they are so famous with their Ca Yan (Baso Goreng), and the popularity does not disappoint. It was the best Baso Goreng I’ve ever tasted, with a lot of prawn and pork meat. So tasty, it’s simply a must try. It was around 8k each.

I also got the chance to try this Pempek from Pempek Farina. I see a lot of branches of Pempek Farina in Surabaya and decided to give it a try. It’s not special, but it’s good. One Kapal Selam Pempek and one Kulit Pempek is for 31k.

Here is the bomb. Ujung Pandang Noodle with Sweet sauce pork and Woku pork. The noodle was perfectly textured, just soft enough to my liking, and the sauces was extraordinary! One of the best dish in this trip. It was quite pricey, around 45k each.

To close the trip at Pasar Atom, I tried this Original Cincau San for only 7k. It was refreshing and good!

Overall I can say Pasar Atom is a very great place for culinary, especially if you are pork lovers since they offer so much pork dishes. A pleasure to visit.

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