[Album Review] Lenka is back with “Two”!

Do you remember the joyful beat and unique voices in songs like “The Show”, “Trouble Is A Friend”, or “Knock Knock”? Yep, Lenka is now back with her new album “TWO“, which is her second album.

First time I knew this girl was from Prambors FM Radio, where her song “Trouble Is A Friend” gains success in their Top40 Chart. From then on I found Lenka’s song on a lot of TV Series, most notably the Ugly Betty promo featuring her song, “The Show”.

One thing I love about Lenka is her unique style of music. It is easy to enjoy, and her songs has powers that somehow can put a curve on your straight lips. Her voice suits all her music well, and it’s soooo cute that I can’t believe she is 33 years old already.

I didn’t really keep track on this girl until I saw her super-unique “Heart Skips A Beat” video on MTV Asia. From the first time I hear the beat and voice, I knew it was Lenka right away. Yep, she’s THAT unique! And so I Googled her, and I found out that she’s going to release her second album, “TWO”

1.     “Two”
2.     “Heart Skips a Beat”
3.     “Roll With the Punches”
4.     “Sad Song”
5.     “Everything at Once”
6.     “Blinded By Love”
7.     “Here to Stay”
8.     “You Will Be Mine”
9.     “Shock Me Into Love”
10.     “Everything’s Okay”
11.     “The End of the World”

In the album “Two”, Lenka shows the world that her creativity is above excellence, while remaining to keep it easy to enjoy. One of the most noteable is the glorious joyful beat on “Everything’s Okay”, which features the sound of clapping hands on the beat. The beginning of  “Here To Stay” also surprises me, where the sound of Acoustic guitar reminds me of Kings Of Convenience a lot, but the vocal keep me posted that it’s still Lenka’s song.

“Two” will give you an enjoyable journey of love life in music, where in the beginning of the album,  “Two” (the first song on the album, which is the name of the album also), “Heart Skips A Beat”, and “Sad Song” brings you to a feeling of curiosity of falling in love. But it’s all starting to get mellow and mellower from that points on, with songs like “Blinded By Love”, “Here To Stay”, and “You Will Be Mine” points out the downside of our love life.

Oh, oh, I don’t know
I am falling apart and I am breaking your heart
Help me to see
‘Cause I am blinded by love, blinded by love
– Blinded By Love

And there’s no other way to end that journey rather than to show the optimism and belief you have in love. “Everything’s Ok” and “The End Of The World” gives what I could say a perfect ending for the album.

Keep giving me hope for a better day
Keep giving me love to find a way
Through this heaviness I feel
I just need someone to say, everything’s okay
– Everything’s OK

Overall I really enjoy this album. Especially because of the ending of the album, which is just perfect and wonderful.  8/10

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