Ysteven’s #10YearsChallenge

Everybody in instagram is so busy with this hashtag, #10yearschallenge, where people posted their photos 10 years ago along with their current picture. It was so viral that everyone I follow are doing it.

So I want to take a little twist to the challenge, and I am going to picture my life 10 years from now.

What I imagined my life 10 years from now is actually very simple.

I would start a family – hopefully with my current girlfriend Sylvia – and had one or two children. We would live happily in a place we can always call home. It might still be in Jakarta, I think.. Although I’ve always wanted to live abroad, but I can’t see it in the next 10 years.

I would still run my coffee shop, but it’s already got more branches than my current coffee shops. I don’t plan on having too many branches, though. Just keep it under 10 branches, but make sure each one is impactful, not only successful.

I would also had a successful design studio. I would serve numerous high profile client and make impact with my ideas on projects.

I would have checked on my bucket list, to travel to UK and New York. I love cities and I would love to explore more of the big ones.

I would also write and publish a book, and focused myself on teaching and leading people.

Most importantly, I would live with grateful heart and free of stress.

That’s what I hope will happen, 10 years from now.

How about you? What’s your #10YearsFromNow?

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