Provoking Thoughts

At first I want to say hello to the world. It has been some time since I last put my deep thoughts on a writing, but tonight the urge is so strong I can’t resist it. Even at 4am in the morning.

Life has been good. Really good, to be honest. My coffee shop business is doing really well, and in a week I’m going to open a branch in a food court in Mangga Besar.

My health is getting better too, although there is one slight problem in that area : I have sleeping problem. My sleeping schedule is so bad, I could only sleep as early as 2am and I usually woke up at 3 or even 4pm. It’s all because the medicine I took to overcome my mental health problem. I knew it because when I didn’t took it I could wake up at 8am in the morning! But I’ve consulted to my doctor and he has made some changes to the medicine, so hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

So why did I decided to write today?

Well, there is a hunger in me to think deeply. To have deep conversations, to be exact. If I reflect to my days lately, most of my conversations to people around me are small talks or daily stories. I am hungry for a more thought provoking conversations, either about life, the future, the past, or anything in between.

I feel that I’ve became too comfort with my life. This makes me uncreative, uninspired, and easily tired.

I need to make some changes. And one of them is by writing this journal.

Hopefully things will became better! If you have any ideas on how to think more deeply, or interested in having deep conversation with me, let me know!

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