Yohanes Steven’s Goals and Action Plans

After my last journal about my new life and life purpose, the next step to make it real is by setting goals and action plans. Without them, my life purpose is just a sentence that is soon to be forgotten.

But before that, I just stumbled upon a blogpost I wrote in April 2011, about my bucket list. If you’re too lazy to open that post, here’s my bucket list from that time :

*Notes : The one in bold is the one that already came true by now.

  • I want to host a party and have fun!
  • I want to show-off my artwork at public places
  • I want to touch the snow. Real snow.
  • I want people to say “Yohanes Steven is my inspiration!”
  • I want to have a Wikipedia page of my name because of my awesome achievement.
  • I want to kiss someone in the rain
  • I want to speak at a seminar
  • I want to own a house
  • I want to open a coffee shop
  • I want to start a design company

I’m so happy that most of my wishlist have came true. It’s something I’m so thankful for! 

But I should not stop here. To achieve my life purpose, I need to set up new goals. Here are some long term goals I want to achieve :

  • Own a place to live
  • Show-off my artwork at public places
  • Write and publish a book
  • Speak at 10 seminars
  • Create an inspiring website, and inspire at least 1 million page views
  • Create a business selling art and design products, and sell at least 1000 products
  • Open a coffee shop / retail shop in a mall
  • Open a school

You might realize that those long term goals are actually steps to fulfill my life purpose. It’s the answers of HOW I will achieve my life purpose.

But those goals are nothing without an action plan, so here are things I will do to achieve those goals :

  • I will continue developing Coffeelogue into a more inspiring and blessing business, for it’s employees and customers.
  • I will develop Artlogue, my web design agency until it is huge, so I can inspire a lot of people with my work, especially my team by guiding and teaching them.
  • I will write inspiring thoughts, business and other tips, on my blog so I can share my knowledge to other people.
  • I will learn a lot by reading books, taking courses, so I can get a lot of knowledge I can share with people.

These action plans are for a long timeline. Years, I think. And to commit to these action plans, I will be very careful not to add another action plan to this list, otherwise I will fail.

But to achieve my goals, I also need a shorter action plans. Things I should do weekly, and daily. And that is something I will do daily on my Google Keep, which is very helpful for me.

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