Cherish Your Family

Chinese new year is a time where our family gathers together, so let’s talk about family.

Our family might not be perfect, for no family is. There’s always a moment in our life when we wished we were born in other family. Me myself included, for I’ve wished to have a less protective mother and a more empathic father.

But that does not mean we were born in the wrong family. Imagine this : God created us perfectly to His plan. If the number of our hair is counted before we were born by God, how could He put us in the wrong family?

There’s always a reason we were born in our family, whatever that is. Maybe it’s so we could have abundance to share our wealth with others, or so we become a strong and independent person. Whatever that is, we need to embrace our family, for they are the one who’s been with us since the day we were born.

So in this chinese new year occasion, let’s try to love our family more and more. Respect our parents, and support our siblings. Make them smile by always giving positive vibes whenever we’re home. Help them when they need our help.

If you can’t love the people closest to you, how can you love others?

Gong Xi Fa Cai from Tanoto Family!

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