God is Almighty

Today, I read about God and Moses, where Moses took a very long time in Mount Sinai that people started to create idols to worship.

Then God react angrily and He showed His anger to the Israelites.

From the reading, I learned that God is almighty, and there is nothing He can’t do. We should fear Him, for He has the ability to destroy us in one second.

But let’s not forget that He is a loving God also. He has shown mercy on numerous occasion and His blessings in our life are countless. It means He always give us chance to get back to Him.

Yesterday, I collapsed. I slept for 30 hours, and I feel so weak and awful. I feel so guilty and angry at myself.

But if I stayed angry and sad, I won’t produce anything. I won’t be a blessing for others. That’s why I need to get back up, and with the help of God almighty, it can happen.

For He who has the power to destroy us, also has the power to rise us.

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