Drive and Motivations

Good day, and let’s talk about motivations.

I recently read a lot of articles about motivations, and if I can recap what I read, it is down to several things :

  • Motivation is not as important as a system.

Yes, motivation is important. But what’s more important than that is for us to create a system and staying committed to it. That system could be different for everyone, but we just need to find that works for us. 

It’s not easy to find that system, and I’m still finding the right one for me also. But for me, what helps a lot is knowing your FOCUS. By knowing your focus, you can stay discipline to achieve your goals, because you know what you should focus on.

That’s what brought us to point number 2.

  • To most crucial thing to stay productive is to avoid distractions.

It might be obvious, but really, how hard have you tried to avoid distractions?

One of the way to do this is to learn to say no. It might be easy for some people, but certainly not easy for me. Saying no to a project when you know it’s not good for our goals is not that easy, but we need to learn how.

The alternatives to saying no is.. to delegate. Maybe there’s someone better equipped for the project, or someone whose goals is to complete that project. It is wise to delegate to stay focused.

  • Realize that habits are not boring.

For some people, habits could be seen as a jinx or a scary thing. It’s not.
It’s hard and tough for us to build a habit, like a habit to wake up early every morning, to eat healthy food, to hit the gym, etc. But once we realize the importance, we should think twice not to pursue that habit.

Once built, a habit does not only trigger a motivation, it also stimulates our brain to be productive.

One thing to make sure, is that the habit we build is a healthy habit.

To conclude, I would say that being productive is not easy. We need to try hard, and knowing one or two tips to do that will do good for us. Hope this helps you as much as it helps me!

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