SE-Learning : E-Learning, Simplified.

E-Learning has always been one of the topic I want to focus on in my life, and my lecturer – Mrs. Puji Rahayu –   got me a chance to explore in this matter. She asked me to help her with her journal by creating an e-Learning website. She asked because I already created one for a class project last semester.

So I have a little chit-chat with her, and she told me that she thought education is a very crucial department in creating a better world, which is something I deeply agreed. And she wanted to contribute a lot to this department, and one of them is by creating Journals for others to learn from.

Back to the Project. She explained to me about how the older users of an e-Learning website, such as herself, are having problems using them. The interface of most e-Learning websites are too difficult to master, and most of them would prefer more conservative methods of teaching.

I don’t know if this problem is happening in a bigger country, but in Indonesia, it is surely a big problem. More than half of the estimated 240million person in Indonesia aren’t really familiar with Internet, or even computers. From what my lecturer told me, even in Jakarta, some people are having problem using the ATM machine.

SE-Learning. E-Learning, Simplified
SE-Learning Login Page

SE-Learning : E-Learning, Simplified is built to cease away the problem. SE-Learning tried to create an e-Learning website as simple as possible, yet useful.

To achieve this, the main focus was to create a very simple and focused User Interface. There shouldn’t be too much information/images on one page, and the texts and links need to be exposed and easy to locate.

I used the color scheme of blue and white to create a cozy feeling, while adding more focus to the informations in Black.

The information in SE-Learning is architected as deep as possible, leaving the information width small, which means fewer options for users.

One of the main feature in SE-Learning is the quiz section, which I have mentioned earlier in my blog about Presentation with JQuery. I put the quiz on one special page, with the number of questions lining horizontally, making it easy to navigate to a specific question. Each question has it’s own screen, which makes it easier for user to focus on one question.

You can visit the DEMO here. 

SE-Learning : E-Learning, Simplified
Logged in as student : Choose Subject page
SE-Learning : E-Learning, Simplified
Logged in as Lecturer : Choose Subject or Check Inbox
SE-Learning : E-Learning, Simplified
Logged in as Student : Subject Main Page.
SE-Learning : E-Learning, Simplified
Logged in as Lecturer : Inbox
SE-Learning : E-Learning, Simplified
The Quiz Page

*Thanks to : Mrs. Puji Rahayu, my Human Computer Interaction lecturer.

**About The Author: Yohanes Steven is a Web Designer with a passion in coffee. He survived cancer in December 2010 and have intended to inspire the world ever since 

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