PROVA – Prove yourself ready for the test!


PROVA is an online-based tryout system, aimed to help (for now) college students to prepare for their exam.

I made PROVA for my Database System class,  where my lecturer asked me to make an application which uses database. My lecturer didn’t give a specific requirements for the programming language or platform, so I used what I am good at, which is PHP programming for website.

My group decided to do an online-based tryout system because after our research, BINUS University doesn’t have any good application that could help their students preparing for exam. That’s why PROVA was created. Besides providing questions that is similar with the exam’s questions, we also provide the evaluation and report after they did a try out. One of the trouble of an exam is time. And that’s why user’s start time and end time of the try out was recorded to our database.

I didn’t really do much on the design. Just a simple pink-black header with white body. In this project, I want to experiment my skill on styling the web. I use the help of Google Webfonts, which makes the font of the website more beautiful than your website. *just kidding, LOL. but seriously, I love the fonts :D*

I made this project in about 2 weeks on-and-off (because I still have another projects and classes). The most time-consumpting phase was the PHP Programming, running the SQL query, and executing the correct output, which takes about 2/3 of the total time.

The project is over, and the presentation was (in my opinion) successful, thanks to the hard work of everyone in my group. But if you are curious, you can check out PROVA at Tell me what you think about it! Or if you want to learn how to make it, please contact me. I’d like to help. 🙂

Screenshots :

PROVA questions page

PROVA result list, complete with the timings.

**About The Author: Yohanes Steven is a Web Designer with a passion in coffee. He survived cancer in December 2010 and have intended to inspire the world ever since


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