Lena and Jemmy Wedding – Web Design

In the upcoming October 15th, my sister, Lena is going to be married. She asked me if I could make a wedding website for her, and so I dedicated this website as a wedding gift for her. Hopefully she’s happy with it!

She wanted the website to be elegant, with pink and silver as the main color scheme. I actually made 4 designs before this one, but I didn’t even like any of them. So I kinda work hard for this one. Finally, in this 5th design, I liked the minimalism, elegance, and color scheme. I believed it will be perfect for her wedding, so here it is!

One of the highlight of the website must be the “Our Story” and “Gallery”. I implemented the jQuery – jPageFlipper. It’s not easy to implemented it, since I’m not really familiar with HTML5’s canvas, so I really am satisfied with what I got.

I used Facebook’s social plugin for the guestbook. That way, my sister can always clicked on the website visitor’s Facebook page.

That’s it, then! Don’t forget to visit the website, leave comments, and say congrats to my sister and her groom!

Overall view of the website.
Detail for the header and navigations of the website.
Our Story page. It has a flip-page effect, to give user the experience of reading a book.
Gallery page. Each photo has a wonderful love quotes below them. Sweet work from my sister. 🙂

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