DIY iPad Bag – Old Shorts into a simple iPad Bag

Heiho, guys! Finally after the hectic-but-successful fourth semester, I managed to get a LOT of free time. One of my to-do-list in this holiday is to create a DIY iPad case, so I do a lot of research for inspirations and techniques.

I found a lot of blogs showcasing their DIY iPad case work, and most of them uses book-style iPad case for their DIY projects. For example, this one on “The Book Of Kells”. Then I found one that really caught my eye : an iPad case made from Jeans!

So I go straight to my cupboard, and I tried to find out if I got a used cloth that I can use for my project. Finally, I found this used shorts that I never wear in about a year or maybe more. So I decided to work with it.

With a little planning and measuring, I decided to create an iPad bag instead, since it’s so hard for a super-newbie like me to create an iPad case. Or if you rather say this, I’m too lazy to create one.

It took me some time before I got the courage to cut my shorts, and finally I did. I didn’t do much with it. Just some sewing on the edges, which takes some time for me to practice because this is one of my first time sewing.

With the lack of experience and resources that I have, finally my iPad case/bag is done in 2 hours. The result ain’t really good, not something I could bring to public places, but it’s always good to do an experiment. 🙂

Now, time for PHOTOS! 😀

Preparing all the stuffs needed for the bag
Sewing time! 😀
Here goes the result. Not really good, eh?
The DIY iPad bag in Action!


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