Christ is Enough

At the English Mass today, I was reminded of how Christ is enough for me. I felt it when the holy communion, how I focused on God inside me and listened to the song “Betapa Indahnya”.

Saat jiwa dahaga dan lapar, Engkau puaskan kami
dengan santapan rohani, Tubuh dan Darah nan suci

Saat jiwa mengering dan hampa, Engkau segarkan kami
dengan santapan surgawi, Tubuh dan Darah nan suci

Betapa indahnya perjamuan kudus, 
betapa indahnya saat kami menyambutMu
Betapa indahnya kehadiranMu, 
yang bertahta kuatkan iman kami.

When I felt the lyrics and the body of Christ I’ve just received, I felt how enough everything is in my life. Every hunger and thirst, is enough with God’s love. Everytime my soul feels empty and lost, God’s love fills it with joy and hope. There’s nothing more that I need when I have God in me.

So it inspires me to keep seeking God more and more, believing in Him and surrendering my life to Him.

God bless.

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