Spiritual Problems

It’s not a good day, for I think I’m having spiritual problems.

So here’s the story. I have a doctor appointment today at 12pm. I slept not too late last night, at around 1.30pm. I intend to wake up early at around 9am, but when I wake up I feel so weak and I couldn’t do anything. My mind was in a mess, and all I can do is go back to sleep.

My mom tried her best to wake me up, from bringing me porridge, coffee, and so on. But my body is playing trick on my mind, and I began to lose control. I screamed and screamed, punching myself, and do other stuffs. All of that happened after I dreamed of being possessed by evil.

This is a problem. A huge problem if it’s continue. 

In the end, I get back to sleep and didn’t go to the doctor. I woke up at 5pm, which I think is a result of being too tired of fighting that evil.

This is something real, and I need to be tougher soon. I need to be tougher mentally, physically, and most importantly, spiritually. I need to get closer to God, for I believe He is the only one who can save me.


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