twenty seven

It’s one week to my 27th birthday, and as usual I will write a plan on my new year of life.

There are a few areas in my life that I want to improve.

Physical health
I still feel like I’m too weak. I got tired easily and more often than not lost stamina so easily. This leads to low productivity. I’ve also gained a lot of weight lately and it’s time to be in shape.

Mental health
I’ve made major improvements since the last couple of years, but every now and then my mental health problem still come and haunts me. It also costs my productivity and on several times in the last couple of years, leads to failures in my projects.

Relationship with God
One of the reasons I wanted to stay fit mentally and physically is so I have more time to serve God. I also feel like I haven’t done enough in this world to be called a “good servant”, and I don’t feel like the current Yohanes Steven belong in heaven yet.

Financial management
I’m not young anymore and I need to take good care of this area. Things are going well so far, but I need to improve if I want to survive in this modern world, because in the next couple of years I am going to spend a lot of money for wedding and starting a family.

Plans on making my twenty seven a delightful one.

Getting in shape
I need to be more routine in going to the gym, and controlling my food consumption. My target is that I could lose 5kg by the end of the year. But more importantly, I need to be fit so I don’t get tired easily.

Continue my therapy
It’s been almost a year since I went to my current doctor, and it’s been very good. I will continue my therapy, taking my medicines regularly, and going to the doctor on schedule.

Journal more often
I will write on journals more often, to get my mind straight on what I need to do, and to write down any problems or disturbing thoughts I have. I will have more “me time” like this, because writing journal is something that’s really helpful in calming me down.

Daily devotions without skipping any day
I skipped my heavenly time – a time where I just sit down, read the bible and pray – on too much days in my life. This year, in my twenty seven, I will be more committed and I won’t spend any day without having this heavenly time. I will install a habit tracker app to help me.

Keeping track of expenses and budgets
I will continue keeping track of all my expenses and budgets. This has helped me so much in recent months, although currently my expenses are booming because of the new branches of Coffeelogue. Not only the business expenses, but also my personal expenses are booming, such as for transportation and because I spent more time outside.

The exciting businesses and projects

In my twenty seven, I will focus my life on these : 

– I will make sure the operational goes well and my customers are happy.
– I will promote it more so I can get more customers, better social media presence, and generate more sales.
– I will develop the business with new products, concepts, and outlets.

I will not focus on Artlogue too much, because I realized working in this service industry is not too reliable in the long haul. It took too much time, and right now I couldn’t offer a huge value for a worth it income from this business. But I will try my best to work on every project I get.

All that loguepos needed is a finishing touch. I will provide that finishing touch in the early months of my twenty seven, in parallel with working on Shopcaeli. And then, I will just focus on selling it, without customizing it.

I will spend early months of my twenty seven developing shopcaeli’s website. I will start by dropshipping some artistic or creative product from Tokopedia, and then after loguepos is ready to market, I will start developing it’s own product.

Blogging is my hobby and I won’t stop doing it. I will do it casually, and not aiming for anything beside having fun.


I am ready for a better new year of life. I will give 200% to make sure my life is better than before, and with the help of God, I believe nothing is impossible.

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