8 – 8 – 18 . Where to go?

I am currently in another crossroad in my career. But before we got into that, let’s state the current situation first.

My life is doing great. My health is quite stable now and I’m so grateful for that. My business is also doing great. Coffeelogue Sunter is a success and my web design business is also doing well. The only problem is Coffeelogue Mangga Besar, but it’s all sorted out right now, although the decision is to stop it’s operational.

Right now I am confused whether I should focus just on these 2 business, or shift my focus to the marketplace I planned with Ryan. 

To help me make a decision, I will try to compare the pros and cons.

Marketplace Pros

  1. I have a partner, something important in business. Someone who can help me operating the business, unlike if I only focus on art.logue.
  2. It could serve as a steady income, unlike art.logue which is a per project type of business.
  3. It gives extra work for Ryan, which is good for him too.

Marketplace Cons

  1. I am dependant on my partner. I don’t know whether I can trust Ryan professionally or not.
  2. If I focus on the marketplace, it will reduce my focus on art.logue.

By examining the pros and cons, I think the marketplace is not a bad idea. The cons aren’t that bad and the pros are interesting.

So, after the fons vitae project, I have a lot of free time, and I can work on the project. It could serve as a portfolio for art.logue as well, which is a good thing.

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