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I can fly. I’m proud that I can fly.

Posted 25/05/2011 by Ysteven

Today, I added a song to my all-time-fav music playlist. It’s ‘Proud Of You’ by Emi Fujita.

Actually I already had this song in my iTunes for a while, since Ci Lena (my sister) bought Emi Fujita’s Cammomile Classics album. But today, when I was relaxing in my room, I heard this song and started to pay attention to the lyrics for the first time, And as you can guess, I fell in love with it. I fell in love with every single melody of the song. I fell in love with every single words in the song. I…. I am melted.

This song was originally created by Fiona Fung on 2003. Back then, Fiona Fung ain’t a singer. She’s just a back-up worker at Chan Kwong’s music studio, creating songs for advertisements. But this song goes viral and a lot of artists start to make covers of this song. Fiona Fung finally released her own album on 2008, which makes this song even better because this song is about pride, and Fiona has fight hard to get one.

And so that’s the story of the song. This song inspired me so much and I think it’s a crime not to share it with you guys, so.. Take your time to listen to it! :)

Love in your eyes
Sitting silent by my side
Going on
Holding hands
Walking through the nights

*Hold me up
Hold me tight
Lift me up to touch the sky
Teaching me to love with heart
Helping me open my mind
I can fly
I’m proud that I can fly
To give the best of mine
Till the end of the time
Believe me I can fly
I’m proud that I can fly
To give the best of mine
The heaven in the sky*
Stars in the sky
Wishing once upon a time
Give me love make me smile
Till the end of life

Repeat (*)

Can’t you believe that you light up my way
No matter how that ease my path
I’ll never lose my faith
See me fly
I’m proud to fly up high
Show you the best of mine
Till the end of the time
Believe me I can fly

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