10 August. Begin.

I wanted to sort out my life since the beginning of August but it really is not easy. Life throws a lot of stones on me and it seems like I can’t get up anymore.

Today, I want to start fresh. I want to keep fighting. I also have a new equipment in this battle: the holy spirit. Sylvia asked me to pray so God and Holy spirit accompany me each day, giving me strength and positive vibes inside my life. This new equipment motivated me to get up and fight.

Let’s start with the goals for this month.

  • Coffeelogue’s 3rd birthday event.
  • Lose 10kg in 3 months.
  • Launch Happylist and Happyshop.

So here’s some commitment I will make to achieve my goals this month.

  • Morning prayer and rituals : sing a worship song, read the bible, read the daily devotion, pray the holy spirit prayer, read the Psalm 91, and do the daily prayer.
  • Go to gym 5 times a week.
  • Do not eat after 9pm.
  • Do not eat rice at night. Or at least eat just a little rice at night.
  • 1 post per day on Happylist.
  • 3 post per week on Coffeelogue’s social media.
  • Night prayer and rituals : write journal post, read the bible, pray, read a book.

It might not be much or huge, but it’s simplicity is why I’m positive this will help me.

Fingers crossed for an awesome August.

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