Goals and Action Plans

After my last journal about my new life and life purpose, the next step to make it real is by setting goals and action plans. Without them, my life purpose is just a sentence that is soon to be forgotten.

I will start by previous goals that I have already achieved :

  • Own a coffee shop
  • Speak at a seminar
  • Start a design company

Here are some long term goals I want to achieve :

  • Own a place to live
  • ¬†Write and publish a book
  • Speak at 10 seminars
  • Create an inspiring website, and inspire at least 1 million page views
  • Create a business selling art and design products, and sell at least 1000 products
  • Open a coffee shop / retail shop in a mall
  • Open a school

You might realize that those long term goals are actually steps to fulfill my life purpose. It’s the answers of HOW I will achieve my life purpose.

But those goals are nothing without an action plan, so here are things I will do to achieve those goals :

  • I will start a website called Happylist, where I write about things that makes me happy. I will commit myself to write 1 post/day.
  • I will compile the list of things into a book, and I will publish the book on “International day of happiness”, which is March 20th.
  • I will start a business selling products that will make people feel better or happier. I will start with an online shop, and in the future I will open an offline store.
  • I will continue developing Coffeelogue into a more inspiring and blessing business, for it’s employees and customers.

I will commit to these action plans and yes, I will stop designing for other people. Because it’s the source of all my health problems.

These action plans are for a long timeline. Years, I think. And to commit to these action plans, I will be very careful not to add another action plan to this list, otherwise I will fail.

But to achieve my goals, I also need a shorter action plans. Things I should do weekly, and daily. And that will be on my next post.

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