Latte On The Rocks

Hello, it’s been so long since my last post here. In fact, a lot has happened since my last update here : I got relieved from work because of my health problems, and Ive used that time to focus on recovery and developing a new blog called

In my free time I’ve also managed to do a lot of experiment on coffee making, and here is one : Latte on the rocks!

Basically, on the rocks is a term for drinks that is served with ice. In my experiment, I used a long and tall bottle, with ice cubes on a bowl to make it visually interesting. I used a used Mix Max bottle, so it’s not exactly Mix Max that I’m drinking, but it’s an Iced Caramel Latte.

I love this experiment. There isn’t too much difference in flavor than the standard Caramel Latte, but the visual is really engaging and it adds a lot to the satisfaction.

Latte on the rocks Preparations Latte on the rocks

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