[Movie Review] Jack the giant slayer (2013)

It’s been so long since my last movie review, but today I feel like to be back on writing movie reviews so here it is : a review for a movie based on English’s fairy tale, “Jack the Giant Slayer”.

Jack the giant slayer movie poster

Release Date : March 1,2013
Director : Bryan Singer
Starring : Nicholas Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson, Ewan Mcgregor, etc.

I used to see this movie’s trailer a lot on AXN, as it always shows it on every commercial break. I didn’t really interested in watching it, since fantasy movie is not my favorite genre but today out of nowhere I decided to watch it.

My first impression with the movie is good, because it begun in an interesting father-to-son and mother-to-daughter synchronized storytelling which ended up creating a great chemistry between the two main cast of the movie : the son and the daughter, Jack and Isabelle. Just by seeing the chemistry between those two makes me happy I watched this movie.

Jack and the giant slayer 1

Great chemistry between Eleanor Tomlinson and Nicholas Hoult.
Great chemistry between Eleanor Tomlinson and Nicholas Hoult.

What I think is wrong about this movie is how on some occasion, you can feel that the story is too forced. It’s not quite natural. Well, it is acceptable for a family-fantasy movie, but on other occasion the scenes are too serious that you can’t believe it is made as a family movie.

When I see on Wikipedia that it has a bad financial performance on box office and the conflict between directors and studios on how the story should develop proves me right, and that’s a lesson for all of us that we need a clear target market for everything we created.

To conclude, Jack the Giant Slayer is a serious fantasy movie, but targeted for families, resulting in a weird end product but is still enjoyable. Once again I have to mention the chemistry between characters, and not to forget the studio produced great CGI to please our eye.

Overall rating : 7.5/10.

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