Coffee experiment : Iced green tea latte

Since I have bought a coffee machine, I could do a lot more experiment in creating coffee drinks. Today, I am experimenting with Iced green tea latte.

A few weeks ago I created an Iced green tea latte, but it’s not really good because all I do was mixing espresso with Green Tea Milk from Cimory. Today, I managed to get myself into a Matcha Powder, and I’m ready to experiment with Iced Green Tea Latte once again.

The tools & ingredients

I used a green tea powder, Liberica’s Eighty Twenty coffee bean, simple syrup, and Diamond Fresh Milk. Espresso made with Delonghi EC155.

I learned online that the green tea powder needs to be mixed with hot water first. For this experiment I tried mixing one tablespoon of green tea powder with 50ml of water.

Processed Matcha Powder
Processed Matcha Powder


Ysteven's Iced Green Tea Latte
Ysteven's Iced Green Tea LatteYsteven's Iced Green Tea Latte


Overall I am really happy with the results. The matcha smells really nice, and it freshened my Saturday.

If you would like to taste it, please visit my house and I will gladly made one for you. 🙂

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