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No Business Last Forever

Posted 19/04/2014 by Ysteven

I recently read this article saying that no business last forever. The article talks about “The Innovator’s Dillema”, in which Clayton Christensen talks about how a big company get too dependent on their cash-cow products and services, making them less innovative.

In the article, Facebook is said to be pivot-ing to another business concept and becoming a Bank instead. The explanation is very make sense that it is kinda creepy to hear.

The article inspired me to think, how we often become scared to start a business because we don’t think it is big enough. The fact is, if a successful business such as facebook needs innovation in business model, what about the not-so-successful?

The idea was to start. Start doing business, and we will meet customers, ideas will popped up, and we can always innovate our business model.

Always be open minded, it is crucial.

Buat Website Keren Dengan Cepat, Mudah, Dan Gratis Dengan

Posted 18/04/2014 by Ysteven

*Note : This post is in Bahasa Indonesia

Selama masa penyembuhan ini, saya banyak menghabiskan waktu untuk mengerjakan proyek-proyek sampingan. Salah satunya adalah

Proyek-proyek sampingan ini berdampak cukup besar dalam proses penyembuhan saya. Mereka membuat saya tetap semangat, tetap percaya bahwa saya dapat melakukan sesuatu, dan bukan manusia yang tidak dapat melakukan apa-apa.

Di antara semua proyek sampingan saya, adalah salah satu yang terbaik. read more Redesigned | A Late Experiment with Flat UI

Posted 15/04/2014 by Ysteven

Heiho, peeps. is back, and it has a new look with Flat User Interface!

I’ve been meaning to try designing a flat UI for a while, but I don’t have any time due to my job and all. Now that I’m resting at home to recover from my health condition, I have time to redesign Ysteven and experimenting with Flat UI at the same time.

Some things I learned during this experiment :

- If you are designing flat UI, avoid shadow. I find that #CCC ( light grey ) is already too bold.
Typography is crucial in flat UI. Choose the wrong font, and the whole design is flawed.
- We spend more time configuring Typo than Layout.

What do you think of the new design? Is it too flat for you? Please let me know!

Latte On The Rocks

Posted 26/03/2014 by Ysteven

Hello, it’s been so long since my last post here. In fact, a lot has happened since my last update here : I got relieved from work because of my health problems, and Ive used that time to focus on recovery and developing a new blog called

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Doaku malam ini : Seribu. Sejuta. Satu.

Posted 10/10/2013 by Ysteven

Aku mungkin punya seribu kelemahan dan sejuta masalah. Tetapi aku bersyukur karena aku memiliki satu Tuhan yang ada di sampingku saat aku menghadapi seluruh masalah tersebut.
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[Movie Review] Jack the giant slayer (2013)

Posted 21/09/2013 by Ysteven

It’s been so long since my last movie review, but today I feel like to be back on writing movie reviews so here it is : a review for a movie based on English’s fairy tale, “Jack the Giant Slayer”.

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Affogato, si es krim yang tenggelam.

Posted 08/09/2013 by Ysteven

Dulu, saya pernah menulis tentang Affogato. Pada blogpost itu, saya membuat Affogato dengan kopi yang dibuat dengan French Press. Hari ini, saya mencoba bereksperimen lagi dengan Affogato, tetapi dengan menggunakan mesin espresso. read more